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Welcome, Friends of Carl!

Although he left us in 2004, his legion fans have not forgotten him and regularly visit this, the only OFFICIAL and authorized website. When I met Carl in 1999, we became fast friends and I was privileged (if not frustrated, at times) to research, write, create and manage this exhaustive website. Carl was pleased: "I love it, Don... I just love it, man," he would say. He liked what I had wrought, but he was especially appreciative of the fact that I lived scant miles from his mother and siblings... and that I was willing to pore through family photos and interview family members for my research. Carl and I spoke frequently on the phone, and he would rave about the site, cutting the conversation short if I tried to pin him down for more details. This site had Carl's full blessing and is also authorized by his widow, Veronica Porche-Anderson. Carl had untold demands on his time and attention between his globe-trotting itinerary, friends and family, and adoring fans. He always had time for me, however brief.

I miss Carl dearly, and my hours with him become more precious as time rages on: a walk down the full length of Main Street, Lynchburg, Virginia, after his show at the City Market; an after-show party wherein he and Kevin Toney and Vince Lewis thrilled the invitation-only crowd with an impromptu performance; the rare one-on-one breakfasts at an undisclosed location; helping him pack for the airport... each a treasure. This website has been a labor of love since 1999, and when I remarked to Carl what a remarkable recording "Why We Are Here!" is, I said that the engineer must have been a genius. Carl's response was, "God was the engineer. God was the engineer." I keep this thing going to honor his memory, his legacy, his family, and the countless colleagues and fans around the globe; as anyone privileged to have known him will attest: Carl knew not only how to command a room, but how to make you feel as if you were the most important person in the room. I will get off my soapbox with this remembrance, which I wrote on 6 March 2004:

I wish that you could have been there for Carl's Memorial Service today. It was very edifying and glorifying to God. The Gospel was proclaimed from beginning to end.

It was an unseasonably warm Spring day after a hard rain last night. Evidently, there is no air conditioning in Rivermont Baptist Church, (the Anderson family church in Lynchburg, Virginia), or, if there is, they did not have it turned on. The little church seats only about 300, and it was Standing Room ONLY! I got there 15 minutes early and had to stand against the back wall for the entire 2-hour service. Their little "Rivermont Mass Choir," which is comprised of fewer than 20 persons, puts most choirs 10 times that size to absolute shame. The place was rockin'! And it was good! Many persons spoke and/or sang, including Carl Hutcherson, the Mayor of Lynchburg, several of Carl's siblings, classmates, friends and admirers. My website was mentioned. The City of Lynchburg issued a proclamation, as did Howard University (DC), where Carl studied, as well as several other entities. The universal message was what a wonderful, remarkable, loving, energetic, compassionate and God-fearing man Carl was. Choirs sang, tears were shed and the whole experience was quite uplifting. Carl erased all boundaries — cultural, ethnic, religious, whatever — and bridged gaps between generations and cultural divides with his exuberance, his love for life and of people and his God. This was evidenced and confirmed quite resoundingly this date. I miss him so and look forward to the day when I see him again. As I was driving home from Carl's Service at twilight, the most beautiful full moon was rising in the East after a rainy night. It was the perfect exclamation point to a memorable service. Enjoy!

— Don Garlock Jr.

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